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Re: Testing suspend/resume Dell N5030 NetBSD 7.1 amd64

On Monday 03 April 2017 16:03:29 wrote:
> Hi!
> It's possible one of the drivers isn't working out during suspend.
> You can play driver whack-a-mole with 'drvctl -d <device name>' and
> suspending until it stops rebooting to figure out which one it is.
> I recommend testing out hdafg and iwn first.
> sysctl ddb.onpanic=1 or core dumps (if savecore manages to put 
> in /var/crash) may provide more info.
> Good luck.

Thanks for that. removing both those devices let me suspend/resume 
from single user mode and a bit more investigation showed it was iwn0 
which caused the problem.

I tried bring up the desktop (kde4) and ifconfig'ing iwn0 down before 
removing it and then suspending, but resume then failed and the 
machine rebooted so I suspect I will need to poke around with a 
simpler X setup to find what is causing the next problem.

At least I am over the first hurdle - thanks again!


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