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Re: dk wedges vs netbsd -current

    Date:        Sun, 2 Apr 2017 11:12:04 +1000
    From:        Geoff Wing <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | Can't get a -current one until tomorrow (30 hours or so).
  | 7.1 sees wd0a, wd0b, etc
  | -current will see wd0 but won't find any of the partitions on it (unless I
  | have DKWEDGE_METHOD* and then I'll get dk() partitions/wedges)

Current should see the exact same partitions as 7 does - while you could
use wedges insead (in 7 or current) there's no need, and that is not what
is expected to happen.

Of course, running current is always something of a risk, things break...

Is there some particular reason you need current on that old system (the
usual reason for requiring current, rather than just wanting to run it to
play with and perhaps improve) is for support of very new hardware not
supported in anything earlier.

If playing/improving is the aim, you'd probably be much better off with
something newer, with more ram (compiling can be slow with modern compilers)
and which would probably consume less power as well.


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