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List of supported chipsets?

Is there any publicly accessible list (on the web or in the source
tree) of fully supported motherboard chipsets?  I don't see that
information listed on, and
leads me to believe that at least some very recent Intel chipsets might
not be fully operational (yet).  I realize that hardware support is
constantly improving, which is why I'm asking for the list rather than
the current state of affairs.

Bonus points for a list specifying which generations of Intel or AMD
(Radeon) integrated graphics are supported by our shiny new DRMKMS code.

Context: I'm planning to replace my ageing laptop with a (reasonably)
current desktop, and the smaller/quieter machines I'm looking at
typically have much of the functionality integrated into the
motherboard, with little space for separate add-on cards.  It would be
nice to pick a board where all that stuff works.  Unlike with laptops,
I can't pick out a model by name from the NYCBUG dmesg database, and
unlike in the old days, I can't piece the machine together component by
component based on the supported-hardware list (well, I could, but the
resulting computer would be much bigger than what I'm hoping for).


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