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Re: panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "next != _PSLIST_POISON"

I've just committed a fix for the panic, check rev. 1.39 of ffs_wapbl.c

> mount(8) says:
>>              log         (FFS only) Mount the file system with wapbl(4)
>> meta-
>>                          data journaling, also known simply as logging.
>> It
>>                          provides rapid metadata updates and eliminates
>> the
>>                          need to check file system consistency after a
>> system
>>                          outage.  A file system mounted with log can not
>> be
>>                          mounted with async.
>  Isn't it checked when mounting?

No, it isn't checked. async mode actually works fine with log.
log+async provides full metadata consistency, same as without async.

I'll update the manpage and add regression tests for the mount
combinations, sometime early next week.


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