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Re: Can't configure new disk

    Date:        Sun, 12 Mar 2017 14:41:23 +0800 (PHT)
    From:        Paul Goyette <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | Please provide the output from dmeg(1)

dmesg ...  some of that was in the earlier message, and it all looked OK
for wd1.  It might be useful to see the whole dmesg output though, just
in case there is something else relevant in there.   It would also be a
good idea to run "dmesg | tail" before and after attempting the fdisk,
disklabel, etc - just in case the kernel says something on the console
when rejecting the device opens with ENXIO (you would be looking for
anything added at the end of the "after" dmesg.)

What I still do not see is: ls -l of /dev/rwd1* output to verify they're
made for the correct architecture (i386 and amd64 /dev/wd entries are not
interchangeable, except for wd0[a-h])

From the earlier message, this is running on an i386 kernel, and the
/dev/wd1* entries looked correct for i386 but no idea if the rw1* entries

It is unlikely that changing the disc drive itself will make any difference,
if there was something wrong with that you'd more likely see EIO (I/O errror)
then ENXIO (device not configured) - however ENXIO is almost certain if
the minor device numbers don't match the device correctly, or if something
is not configured correctly.

Paul: this is (from the earlier e-mail - Mar 1) ...

NetBSD gemini.wan.vpn 6.99.31 NetBSD 6.99.31 (GEMINI) #0: Sun Feb 16
19:11:21 PST 2014  root@:/usr/src/BUILD_OBJ/sys/arch/i386/compile/GEMINI

so it isn't anything new as a kernel (but I ran/run lots from that
timeframe, and have no problems with multiple wd drives)


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