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Re: Fatal page fault in cbq_enqueue()

On Mar 10,  5:14pm, (Paul Ripke) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Fatal page fault in cbq_enqueue()

| Booted with that patch around Jan 28. I think I've had a couple of
| silent reboots since, followed by:
| Mar  3 10:45:30 slave /netbsd: panic: _rmc_wrr_dequeue_next
| Mar  3 10:47:42 slave /netbsd: panic: _rmc_wrr_dequeue_next
| Mar  9 11:52:03 slave /netbsd: panic: _rmc_wrr_dequeue_next
| That's a remarkably tight cluster of crashes.

Means it is traffic dependent? Can we capture the traffic?


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