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Re: amd64, i386 builds fail on netbsd-7/amd64, tools build fails on -current/amd64 hosts?

On Thu, 22 Dec 2016, John D. Baker wrote:

> I forgot to mention MAKECONF points to a custom "mk.conf" which contains:
> # mk.conf
> .if "${MACHINE}" == "i386" || "${MACHINE}" == "amd64"
> DBG=-g
> .endif
> so perhaps the failure is triggered by "MKDEBUG" and/or "MKDEBUG_LIB".

I have a wrapper script that tests for the existence of a tree-specific
"mk.conf" and passes "-V MAKECONF=<foo>" to "" only if the custom
file is found.

Moving the custom "mk.conf" aside (so the stock "/etc/mk.conf" is
used--which contains only pkgsrc-related items), a fresh build of -current
on netbsd-7 has progressed well past the point where it failed before.

So, it appears MKDEBUG and/or MKDEBUG_LIB breaks the build of amd64-7.99.52
on netbsd-7/amd64 (i386-7.99.52 to be tried soon).  On a different
netbsd-7 host, using a "mk.conf" where "MKDEBUG{,_LIB}" are disabled,
but "DBG=-g" was still set, building "atf-check" and something else is
still picking up "DBG=-g" and failing with the same error noted previously.
I though "DBG=" only applied if "MKDEBUG{,_LIB}" were set to "yes".

Setting "DBG=-g" breaks MKDEBUG/MKDEBUG_LIB builds of netbsd-6/amd64 on
netbsd-7/amd64 (but does not break MKDEBUG{,_LIB} builds of netbsd-6/i386).

Builds of 7.99.52 for any port and netbsd-6/amd64 on amd64-7.99.51 still
fail building 'groff' during the build of tools as previously noted.

Following update of the host to 7.99.52, building 7.99.52 has successfully
built all tools and is proceeding.  When it was started "DBG=-g" was still
set, so it remains to be seen if "dtrace" or "atf-check" will fail as on
netbsd-7 hosts described above.

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