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7.99.50 complete hang


I've just updated to a 7.99.50 from a couple hours ago with a kernel
from a couple minutes ago.

When I start my chrooted bulkbuild, the system completely stops. It
prints a couple of dots (like when it farms out the first steps of the
dependency chain computation) and then nothing. When I try to open a
second shell in screen, screen locks up completely.

When I try to log in on a second console window, I can enter the user
name but then nothing happens (no password prompt).

I just tried breaking into the debugger on the console and got ~4
green lines on the console and then the screen immediately reset to
standard 24?25?x80, cursor blinking in upper left corner, CPU fan
spins up (perhaps it's dumping?).

I'm still waiting what happens next, but I think 10 minutes have
passed already.

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