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daily CVS update output

Updating src tree:
P src/distrib/sets/lists/comp/mi
P src/distrib/sets/lists/man/mi
P src/lib/libc/sys/wait.2
P src/lib/libpthread_dbg/pthread_dbg.c
P src/lib/librefuse/Makefile
P src/lib/librefuse/fuse.h
U src/lib/librefuse/fuse_lowlevel.h
P src/lib/librefuse/refuse.3
P src/lib/librefuse/refuse.c
U src/lib/librefuse/refuse_lowlevel.c
P src/sbin/scsictl/scsictl.8
P src/share/man/man4/Makefile
U src/share/man/man4/pm3fb.4
P src/share/man/man4/scsi.4
P src/share/man/man9/scsipi.9
P src/sys/arch/alpha/conf/GENERIC
P src/sys/arch/emips/ebus/ace_ebus.c
P src/sys/arch/macppc/conf/GENERIC
P src/sys/dev/ieee1394/firewire.c
P src/sys/dev/ieee1394/firewirereg.h
P src/sys/dev/ieee1394/fwdev.c
P src/sys/dev/ieee1394/fwohci.c
U src/sys/dev/pci/pm3fb.c
U src/sys/dev/pci/pm3reg.h
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/atapi_wdc.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/atapiconf.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/cd.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/ch.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/if_se.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/scsi_base.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/scsiconf.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/scsipi_base.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/scsipi_base.h
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/scsipi_ioctl.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/scsipiconf.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/scsipiconf.h
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/sd.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/ses.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/ss.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/ss_mustek.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/ss_scanjet.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/st.c
P src/sys/dev/scsipi/uk.c
P src/sys/dev/spi/mcp3k.c
U src/sys/dev/wsfont/Go_Mono_12x23.h
P src/sys/dev/wsfont/files.wsfont
P src/sys/dev/wsfont/wsfont.c
P src/sys/dev/wsfont/wsfont.h
P src/sys/kern/subr_xcall.c
P src/sys/nfs/nfs_export.c
P src/sys/ufs/lfs/ulfs_quota2.c
P src/sys/ufs/ufs/ufs_quota2.c
P src/tests/lib/libpthread_dbg/t_threads.c

Updating xsrc tree:

Killing core files:

Running the SUP scanner:
SUP Scan for current starting at Mon Nov 21 03:01:37 2016
SUP Scan for current completed at Mon Nov 21 03:01:52 2016
SUP Scan for mirror starting at Mon Nov 21 03:01:52 2016
SUP Scan for mirror completed at Mon Nov 21 03:03:51 2016

Updating release-6 src tree (netbsd-6):

Updating release-6 xsrc tree (netbsd-6):

Running the SUP scanner:
SUP Scan for release-6 starting at Mon Nov 21 03:06:09 2016
SUP Scan for release-6 completed at Mon Nov 21 03:06:18 2016

Updating release-7 src tree (netbsd-7):

Updating release-7 xsrc tree (netbsd-7):

Running the SUP scanner:
SUP Scan for release-7 starting at Mon Nov 21 03:08:33 2016
SUP Scan for release-7 completed at Mon Nov 21 03:08:38 2016

Updating file list:
-rw-rw-r--  1 srcmastr  netbsd  47410951 Nov 21 03:09 ls-lRA.gz

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