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Man page errors for rpcgen(1)

While perusing this man page, I found a couple of items which might be errors. (They could also be problems with my feeble brain trying to grasp all the concepts...)


In the description of the -K option, the text says that '-K 0' causes the server to exit immediately, while '-K -1' causes the server to never exit. Yet, the final paragraph seems to contradict that, with

	If it is known that a server will be used with such a monitor,
        the server should exit immediately on completion.  For such
	servers, rpcgen should be used with ``-K -1''.

I think that that last entry should say

	... with ``-K -1''



In the description of the -I option, the last sentence references the compiler macro RCP_SVC_FG. Yet everything related to rpc seems to use a prefix of RPC; should this be changed to RCP_SVC_FG?

	... it places itself in the background, unless RCP_SVC_FG is
	defined, or the server is compiled without -I.

Are these actual man-page errors? Or is my feeble brain confusing me more than it usually does? :)

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