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Unable to build tools from netbsd-6-0 branch on 7.99.36/7.99.42

I was looking into some other (irrelevant) issue, and wanted to try and build a 6-0 release.

Using the command

	./ -T /build/netbsd-6-0/tools/x86_64/amd64 \
	-D /build/netbsd-6-0/dest/amd64 -O /build/netbsd-6-0/obj/amd64 \
	-R /build/netbsd-6-0 /release -V RELEASEMACHINEDIR=amd64 -V \
	MKKDEBUG=yes -U -m amd64 -j1 -U tools

It gets most of the way through, then fails on building gcc. The first error message is

cc -c -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -O -DNETBSD_TOOLS -DTARGET_SYSTEM_ROOT=0  -DTARGET_SYSTEM_ROOT_RELOCATABLE -I. -I/build/netbsd-6-0/src/tools/gcc/../../external/gpl3/gcc/dist/libiberty/../include  -W -Wall -Wwrite-strings -Wc++-compat -Wstrict-prototypes -pedantic  /build/netbsd-6-0/src/tools/gcc/../../external/gpl3/gcc/dist/libi
berty/regex.c -o regex.o
/build/netbsd-6-0/src/tools/gcc/../../external/gpl3/gcc/dist/libiberty/regex.c:In function 'byte_regex_compile':
/build/netbsd-6-0/src/tools/gcc/../../external/gpl3/gcc/dist/libiberty/regex.c:152:47: warning: right-hand operand of comma expression has no effect [-Wunused-value]
 #      define bzero(s, n) (memset (s, '\0', n), (s))
/build/netbsd-6-0/src/tools/gcc/../../external/gpl3/gcc/dist/libiberty/regex.c:3124:13: note: in expansion of macro 'bzero'
             bzero (b, (1 << BYTEWIDTH) / BYTEWIDTH);

My build host is running a 7.99.42 kernel from yesterday, with a 7.99.36 userland.

Any clue on what's broken?

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