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Re: ffs_newvnode: inode has non zero blocks

In article <20161029175845.GA6906%SDF.ORG@localhost>,  <coypu%SDF.ORG@localhost> wrote:
>I'm pretty 'abusive' to my machine. unsurprisingly, I've managed to
>accumulate a problem:
>  ffs_newvnode: ino=20681997 on /: gen 5ae8a721/5ae8a721 has non zero
>blocks 980 or size 0
>  panic: ffs_newvnode: dirty filesystem?
>It appears that fsck is not able to clear it.
>Do you we have a tool for such circumstances?

This means that you are on ffsv1, which makes it weird. There is clri
and fsdb for that.


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