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Re: Wapbl correct and stable again?

Can you confirm whether you had the filesystem mounted with 'discard'
option by chance?

FYI, discard hides block deallocation changes from wapbl log until
discard is finished for the blocks, so pretty much throws consistency
out of window. I plan to actually change FFS to disable discard when
logging is enabled as stopgap measure, because of this. Later, discard
needs to be changed, so that it doesn't interfere with block free


2016-10-18 19:10 GMT+02:00 bch <>:
> Yesterday I had an unclean shutdown while ./ distribution (battery
> on laptop died). On reboot i had corrupted files similar to other week after
> wapbl refactor. Could wapbl stand to have more demanding testing thrown at
> it? Can we simulate unclean shutdown with vn file-based filesystem and run
> aggressive tests on it?

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