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Re: gdb.old is broken

On Sat, 15 Oct 2016 10:09:52 +0200 (CEST) Havard Eidnes <>
> > And while I'm on a roll I might as well promote -P as well. I think
> > that unless you know what you are doing, -d and -P is probably
> > switches you always want to apply when you do cvs update.
> I agree -- that's why my ~/.cvsrc contains:
> update -d -P
> diff -u
> rdiff -u

In fact, both the NetBSD guide (chapter 30) and the pkgsrc guide
(chapter 2) make this recommendation explicitly; though interestingly
they don't recommend exactly the same options. Setting ~/.cvsrc (mostly
following the pkgsrc guide) is the first thing I do to my user account
on a newly installed machine. Which is probably why people don't talk
about it much (beyond the guides). Once you've set ~/.cvsrc, you rarely
have to think about it.


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