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Beagleboard C4 problems


i have still problems with my beagleboard, with the image from
2016/10/10 the previous error is gone, so nomore timeouts

sdhc0: timeout waiting for mask 0x400 value 0x400 (state=0x1e70106)
sdhc0: timeout waiting for mask 0x3 value 0 (state=0x1e70506)
sdhc0: command or data phase inhibited

but now my usb wireless key isn't detected anymore

ehci_sync_hc: timed out
ehci_sync_hc: timed out

is all i get and after a couple of minutes the system crashes and

panic: kernel diagnostic assertion "l2b != NULL" failed: file
"/usr/src/sys/arch/arm/arm32/pmap.c", line 3685 va 0xc8a58000 pa
0xb8642000 prot 1 maxkvaddr 0xcb600000: l 2 0xc007c310 l2b 0xc007c38c
kva 0x0 cpu0: Begin traceback... 0xbfc9dad4: netbsd:db_panic+0xc
0xbfc9daec: netbsd:vpanic+0x174
0xbfc9db04: netbsd:__udivmoddi4
0xbfc9db74: netbsd:pmap_kenter_pa+0x39c
0xbfc9dbdc: netbsd:uvm_pagermapin+0x1a4
0xbfc9dc1c: netbsd:genfs_gop_write+0x38
0xbfc9ddac: netbsd:genfs_do_putpages+0x878
0xbfc9ddd4: netbsd:genfs_putpages+0x38
0xbfc9de0c: netbsd:VOP_PUTPAGES+0x4c
0xbfc9de3c: netbsd:vflushbuf+0x4c
0xbfc9de7c: netbsd:ffs_full_fsync+0x190
0xbfc9df0c: netbsd:ffs_fsync+0x50
0xbfc9df4c: netbsd:VOP_FSYNC+0x50
0xbfc9dfac: netbsd:sched_sync+0x20c
cpu0: End traceback...

regards Stefan

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