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Re: Kernel faults, wapbl updates

On Oct 3,  9:28am, (=?UTF-8?B?SmFyb23DrXIgRG9sZcSNZWs=?=) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Kernel faults, wapbl updates

| Log replay was not touched. The code however didn't record properly
| all deallocations even for some finished and committed transactions,
| which caused the replay problems. This should now all be fixed, and
| the mutex issue also.
| After updating to newest kernel (with vfs_wapbl.c 1.84), it is
| necessary to run fsck to get filesystem to fully healthy state. After
| fsck, there shouldn't be any further problems related to the current
| change.
| Sorry about that and thanks for patience.

Indeed it works now! Thanks... It was just frustrating because I was
debugging a networking issue, I updated, and then nothing worked...


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