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Re: build failure: xf86Opt.h:44:14: error: declaration does not declare anything

In article <>,
Robert Swindells  <> wrote:
>bch <> wrote:
>>On 9/19/16, bch <> wrote:
>>This is still a thing for me:
>>Is nobody else seeing this ? I usually do builds:
>No, I did an update build this morning for amd64.
>># ./ -j4 -u -x distribution
>>...but to try to fix the Bool bool problem deleted the offending header
>>file, made sure src was up-to-date, and omitted the -u to rebuild
>>all the objs from scratch. Still no good luck.
>Did you delete your object and destination trees after the switch in
>Xorg server version ?
The problem happens if you include <stdbool.h> before the x header.
It typically does not happen, but bool is defined to _Bool so you
lose. I think that Xorg should rename it.


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