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What does ssh use to determine "gtrusted forwarding"?

Hi again - yet another strange issue with my new machine...

I'm trying to use 'ssh -Y $remote_host $command' and running into something I don't quite understand.

There are two primary hosts I use as $remote_host For one host, everything works as expected, the $command gets executed on the remote host, and that command successfully redirects its output back to the original/source X display.

The other host isn't so lucky.  On the originating host, I get

	$ exec ssh -Y xxx xterm -title 'xterm@XXX' -sb
	X11 forwarding request failed on channel 0

The xterm seems to get created on $remote_host and reports

	xterm: Xt error: Can't open display:
	xterm: DISPLAY is not set

So, the problem seems to be something config-related, and specific to the originating host. Funny thing is, I cannot find any place where only the XXX $remote_host is referenced; everywhere I can think of, either both XXX and YYY are referenced, or neither!

Any clues on where to look to figure out why XXX is trusted, but YYY isn't?

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