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Re: Building on OS X - how?

Good evening,

On Wed, 10 Aug 2016, Hubert Feyrer wrote:
I've added a bit more information below[2], but to cut a long story short - what excact options does one use these days to cross-build -current/amd64 from OS X? Did I miss any documentation[3]

It seems this was resolved somewhere after a "cvs update". Thanks to whoever the unsung hero is! And for the record, here is what I use to build now:

	./ -U -u -X ../xsrc-current -x -m amd64 -T tooldir.Darwin -O obj.amd64-Darwin-XXX -D destdir.amd64 -R release.amd64 -V HOST_CC=/usr/bin/cc -V HOST_CXX=/usr/bin/g++ release

There's one problem left but I will start a separate thread for that.

 - Hubert

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