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Re: bind -> unbound/nsd, Re: bind -> unbound/nsd

  | On Aug 22,  4:02am, (Roy Marples) wrote:
  | -- Subject: Re: bind -> unbound/nsd, Re: bind -> unbound/nsd
  | | Please describe how nsd has a "tighter integration" or (i assume 
  | | better?) "out of the box usability" when in -base vs pkgsrc.

Aside from what Christos said, anything in base can be installed from
a (downloaded and burned) CD/DVD and work without any kind of network

In this context, that's particularly relevant if you're setting up a
DNS zone signing system - one of those wants to be 100% isolated from
the Internet (from day 1) (unless you have one of the fancy, costly,
hadware, signing boxes) so that the safety of the key used is ensured
(particularly relevant if you're running one of the upper level domains.)

Of course, it is possible to get everything needed, and burn it on extra
CDs (or USB sticks) and install it that way - but that's not nearly as
tightly integrated (nor nearly as well tested.)

Of course, it isn't just DNS servers & tools for which this is relevant,
NTP, HTTP, ssh (probably more) servers in base also make things easier,
and more likely to work, if included in base - and allow systems to work
in environments where there is no internet connectivity (either by design,
of just happenstance) - and of course, lack of intenet, does not mean lack
of any networking, so all of these servers are still useful in some cases.


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