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Re: unbound user and group fix-hint at end of installation ./

On Sun, Aug 21, 2016 at 03:28:15PM -0700, bch wrote:
> At the end of ./, I got a note about needing to include
> _unbound to user and group. Isn't that something that should just be
> handled by etcupdate (in fact, it looks like etcupdate does know about
> this)?  Why would we suggest an error-prone manual update when the
> next step in the update (etcupdate) will do this for you in an
> automated way ?

The message comes from postinstall, which handles most things, but not
this ones. So it hints how to fix it manually.

Maybe we could add another sentence to the hint like "Ignore this if you
will run etcupdate".


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