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Re: bind -> unbound/nsd

On Aug 18,  1:27pm, (Greg Troxel) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: bind -> unbound/nsd

| Please note that I'm not objecting; I'm just asking for the rationale to
| be articulated.

There are many analyses on the web comparing bind and unbound, here are 3:
For us though the particular reasons are:

- License change would require us to copy the software and reapply patches.
- We don't have other MPL software in base; this would mean another license.
- Fewer security issues
- Smaller memory footprint for most people, easier to administer.
- New resolver API's (asynchronous etc)
- Modular, simpler, smaller, better auditable
- BSD licensed

And some negatives:
- Crypto is integrated, not optional (although we can fix that)
- Bind libraries are still used by dhcpd
- Needs additional components nsd, openDNSSEC, ldns to match bind's


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