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Re: multipath fibre channel

On Wed, 10 Aug 2016, wrote:
> I want to configure multipath for a fibre channel storage. I need only the
> availability, not the performance.

As others have already said, you can't. However, ... 

RAID1 on the same LUN wouldn't work or make sense. However, to mitigate 
switch/path failures you could do the following to gain path-resiliency:

1. Create two LUNs identical sized on the SAN

2. On the SAN unit, present the LUNs out separate 

3. Obviously you'll need to connect your HBAs to the two independent 

3. Use LVM or RAIDFrame to mirror the two LUNs into a RAID1 configuration.

4. Celebrate. You've used 2x the storage, but gained resiliency and can 
   withstand a complete path failure.


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