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Re: PaX mprotect now on for amd64

On May 23,  2:50am, (Kamil Rytarowski) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: PaX mprotect now on for amd64

| I'm having many aborts in diverse applications like in gnutls:
| => Checking for portability problems in extracted files
| [1]   Abort trap              env CK_FNAME="${...
| *** Error code 1
| Is it possible to add a log entry in dmesg(8) when something was killed
| due to hardening? It would narrow down the reason of error quickly.

sysctl -w security.pax.mprotect.debug=1

There is also:

sysctl -w security.pax.aslr.debug=1

but I doubt you are dying from ASLR, and it is too chatty.


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