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Re: NetBSD on Gateway SX2185?

A couple of years ago, I wrote [1]

I just got a SX2185 and tried to bring up NetBSD. I tried booting an
installation CD, which I have previously used successfully, but the
Gateway gave me the usual "Insert the right media and press a key"

I replaced the internal hard drive with one that already has NetBSD
installed on it (and from which I have booted another machine), but it
fails in the same way.

According to the label, the Gateway has a AMD E1-2500 processor, 4GB
RAM, and Radeon HD8240 graphics. The BIOS version is "P11-A4" and
claims to be "exclusively for Gateway only" (that's what it says on
the start-up splash screen).

Any clue on what it would take to make this thing boot NetBSD?

Well, I just dug out this box, and started playing a bit more, and it's now working!

The only change I made was to enable the BIOS's "Boot Menu" option (which still requires pressing F12 during boot). I was able to successfully install amd64-current from a couple days ago.

For reference to the earlier thread:


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