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iwn and dhcpcd

I have very recently started seeing on my -current/amd64 laptop:
iwn0: soliciting a DHCP lease
iwn0: truncated packet (290) from  
iwn0: truncated packet (290) from  
and dhcpcd gives up. I am very puzzled as:
- the wireless router and its settings haven't changed 
- an ath0 -current/amd64 box which AFAIK I have updated as well is still happy
  connecting to the same router 
- if I manually ifconfig the laptop, all apparently seems well.
-  $NetBSD: if_iwn.c,v 1.76 2015/09/22 23:23:06 nonaka Exp $ hasn't changed

This doesn't point to a problem anywhere in particular... Any guesses on
what to try?



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