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Re: Colour support in editline

On May 6,  3:18pm, (Nick Zavaritsky) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Colour support in editline

| I would like to try the following approach.
| Introduce =E2=80=98DisplayChar=E2=80=99 type to represent a character cell =
| in el_display/el_vdisplay.
| DisplayChar consists of a Char + (if colour support is enabled via compile =
| options)
| some select SGR attributes. Basically 32 bits are enough to represent 2 8 b=
| it
| colours and there are 16 bits left for text attributes like bold, etc.
| What do you think?

1. It has to be terminal independent; you can't just parse+construct escape
   sequences. Use terminfo to get the information for the known attributes.
2. It can include printable characters; look at how the tcsh code does it.
   For example, I can have an escape sequence in the prompt that sets the
   xterm title bar.


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