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Re: building current - signal 6

In article <>,
Erik Fair  <> wrote:
>In /usr/include/sys/signal.h find:
>#define SIGABRT         6       /* abort() */
>See also signal(7) and abort(3).
>It would appear that make(1) called abort(3) since rm(1) doesnâ??t have
>any direct calls to it that I could find by reading the base source.
>Cursory grep through /usr/src/usr.bin/make/* shows possibilities â?¦
>Perhaps turning on some make debug options will reveal more.

That ain't it, if you ktrace the process, you'll see that there was no
signal posted.  Instead what's happening is:

kern_exec.c:            exit1(l, error, SIGABRT);

It is probably because ASLR is making a vmcmd fail. It should be simple to
build a kernel with DEBUG_EXEC and see what's breaking.


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