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Re: mount options noexec,nosuid,nodev

On Mon, 4 Apr 2016, Michael van Elst wrote: (Paul Goyette) writes:

# mount /build

*** The flags were cleared on the remount!

# /build/
/build/ Permission denied.

So what is in /etc/fstab ?

As I indicated in the previous Email (yes, it was rather deeply buried)

	See the 'grep' output from the earlier message!

	        # grep build /etc/fstab
	        /dev/wd0g       /build          ffs     rw,log     1   2


Additionally, as I've discussed with another developer in private Email, I run with _everything_ loaded as a module. "everything" includes the ffs and wapbl modules, which are forcibly loaded during boot via these entries in /boot.cfg


These modules get loaded very early, long before the system even tries to locate the root filesystem. And, even though I also run with auto- unload enabled, these modules do not get unloaded since they're busy (with /).

I'm in the process of setting up a qemu environment to reproduce the issue, and then play with the variables to narrow down the cause.

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