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nbctfmerge runs for hours on custom i386 kernels

As the Subject: notes, building custom kernels for i386-current (on
amd64-7.0_STABLE host) takes several hours for each kernel.  The output
of 'top' shows 'nbctfmerge' (run after the final link of a kernel)
consuming nearly 100 percent of cpu (host is single-core hyperthreaded).

Attaching 'ktruss' to the process shows no output for a prolonged period
of time (CPU-bound, I presume) followed by short bursts of file I/O and/or
"m*map()" calls followed by another prolonged period of CPU-only operation.

I have not observed this behavior when building any of the standard
kernels, but only most if not all of my custom kerenels (which simply
include GENERIC and exclude unecessary items with the "no foo at bar"

I have so-far observed this only on i386 and not any of the other
architectures I build.

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