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Re: Using sysinst to add additional distribution sets?

On Feb 5,  2:09pm, Paul Goyette wrote:
} I've previously done a minimal install, and now I want to add the 
} "man.tgz" distribution set.  This is on a qemu virtual system, so I 
} simply used vndconfig to access the "system disk" and copied man.tgz 
} onto it.
} I then booted the target VM, and ran sysinst.  On the main menu, I 
} selected item "(c) Re-install sets or install additional sets" and on 
} the subsequent "Do you really want to ..." I answered Yes.  However, 
} even though NetBSD is running from a "virtual hard drive", sysinst 
} reports "I can not find any hard disks for use by NetBSD.  You will be 
} returned to the original menu."
} I get the same error if I select item "(b) Upgrade NetBSD on a hard 
} disk".
} Is this supposed to work?  If yes, what am I doing wrong?  (And if No, 

     I would expect so.

} how is one expected to add more sets after an initial install?)

     They are just tarballs.  You can simply unpack them, i.e.
tar xpf man.tgz -C / (or $DESTDIR).

}-- End of excerpt from Paul Goyette

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