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Re: Is tun(4) a cloning device?

On Dec 25,  5:19pm, (Rhialto) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Is tun(4) a cloning device?

| Well, it seems that Linux has it. In fact, it has a single file for both
| tap en tun (/dev/net/tun) and an ioctl to change it between tun and
| tap.
| I don't propose to go that far (I think needing to use an ioctl to
| choose mode is inconvenient), but having the same facilities for tun and
| tap would be nicely symmetrical.
| (I'm looking at this because I'm reworking the networking part of the
| klh10 PDP-10 emulator, at,
| and the more symmetrical I can make stuff the happier it makes me. Tun
| is used for the KS10 with ITS, to make its IMP communicate with the
| world.)

Well, we could factor out the common code for these kinds of cloners
from tap and use it for both tap and tun from the look of it. Why
don't you give it a try?


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