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Re: Is tun(4) a cloning device?

Rhialto <> wrote:
>On Fri 25 Dec 2015 at 16:02:57 +0000, Christos Zoulas wrote:
>> Exactly, it depends if it makes sense to have a magic minor device like
>> that... Does it?
>Well, it seems that Linux has it. In fact, it has a single file for both
>tap en tun (/dev/net/tun) and an ioctl to change it between tun and
>I don't propose to go that far (I think needing to use an ioctl to
>choose mode is inconvenient), but having the same facilities for tun and
>tap would be nicely symmetrical.
>(I'm looking at this because I'm reworking the networking part of the
>klh10 PDP-10 emulator, at,
>and the more symmetrical I can make stuff the happier it makes me. Tun
>is used for the KS10 with ITS, to make its IMP communicate with the

Why not use tap(4) ?

I have used it in emulators for machines of the same vintage and it works

Robert Swindells

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