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Re: pathological cvs recursion ?

In Message <>,
   dieter roelants <>wrote:

=>On Thu, 17 Dec 2015 16:50:49 -0800
=>bch <> wrote:
=>> I've run into this a few times:
=>> U external/bsd/libc++/dist/libcxx/test/libcxx/experimental/containers/sequences/src/external/gpl3/binutils/dist/opcodes/aarch64-tbl.h
=>> where there are sub-trees seem to be recursively re-added (see
=>> .../src/external/gpl3... as part of ./src/external/bsd/...).
=>> Has anybody else experienced this ? Does anybody know what's going on ?
=>Hi Brad,
=>I'm almost certain it's because the CVS server has its temp directory
=>on a tmpfs. I got reports of the same issue back wen I ran a CVS mirror
=>and I "fixed" it by changing the tmpfs to an mfs mount. See also PR 46148.

   Thanks for the pointer. I got rid of the tmpfs and at least a
few updates have gone through cleanly. If anyone has any ideas of
how to track this down, I can certainly take a whack at it. It
would be nice to know that this isn't going to be a problem for
other uses of tmpfs.

				Gary Duzan

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