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Re: pathological cvs recursion ?

On Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 08:24:44PM -0500, wrote:
> =>
> => bch <> writes:
> =>
> =>> I've run into this a few times:
> =>>
> =>> U
> =>>
> external/bsd/libc++/dist/libcxx/test/libcxx/experimental/containers/sequences/src/external/gpl3/binutils/dist/opcodes/aarch64-tbl.h
> =>>
> =>> where there are sub-trees seem to be recursively re-added (see
> =>> .../src/external/gpl3... as part of ./src/external/bsd/...).
> =>
> => I would unmount the fs and run fsck.   I have seen some strange things
> => which were due to filesystem damage.
> =>
> => Then, I'd remove the subtree and update again.
>    I've seen this quite a bit on the Xen DOMU that I use for building
> NetBSD. So often that I ended up umount/newfs/mount/checkout my src LV
> instead of just updating. Every once in a while I try an update;
> sometimes it is fine, but other times not. I also just saw it in a
> pkgsrc tree I updated on another box recently. After an rm -rf on the
> broken tree a subsequent update succeeded, but I expect it could happen
> again. In case it matters, I'm using an rsync repo clone and accessing
> it over ssh.
>                                       Gary Duzan

I've seen filesystem corruption, which I now believe to be caused by
"rsync --del" access patterns, a number of times over the last year.
For now, I've switched to "rsync --delete-delay", and yet to see a

Ref, long thread over the last year:

Paul Ripke
"Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds
 discuss people."
-- Disputed: Often attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt. 1948.

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