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no vga* at pci?

If I configure a (amd64, 7.0) kernel with

no vga*               at pci?

then it fails to boot (properly). This is despite the fact that no "vga
at pci" ever seems to get configured (so it is unneeded). Instead, I have

acpivga0 at acpi0 (OVGA): ACPI Display Adapter

What happens is rather strange. After the kernel is loaded, the
copyright message does not appear. After a few moments the screen is
however switched to graphics mode and the text that happens to be
on-screen is converted to it. The colour is however not the usual green
but something fairly dark and hardly visible. The caps-lock led reacts.

One could think that the kernel is continuing with the boot process but
without further feedback, but waiting a while never results in being
able to log in with ssh.

Any idea why vga is more important than it seems to be?

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