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HEAD tests failing

for some time HEAD anita tests have been failing for me for amd64 (i386 looks
It looks like atf-run aborts, but I have no clues why. From the
anita-run file:
fs/nfs/t_rquotad (484/634): 6 test cases
    get_nfs_be_1_both: [3.980507s] Passed.
    get_nfs_be_1_group: [3.522031s] Passed.
    get_nfs_be_1_user: [3.415828s] Passed.
    get_nfs_le_1_both: [3.791159s] Passed.
    get_nfs_le_1_group: [3.530127s] Passed.
    get_nfs_le_1_user: [3.507243s] Passed.

fs/nullfs/t_basic (485/634): 2 test cases
    basic: [0.060892s] Passed.
    twistymount: [0.070008s] Passed.

fs/psshfs/t_psshfs (486/634): 3 test cases
    inode_nos: atf-run: ERROR: tools::fs::file_info: Cannot get information of /
tmp/atf-run.zUKLnj/mnt; lstat(2) failed: Device not configured
[2.144617s] Passed.
atf-report: ERROR: 22454: Unexpected token `<<EOF>>'; expected start of
atf-report: test case

The (successfull) i386 run doesn't show this error:
fs/psshfs/t_psshfs (486/633): 3 test cases
    inode_nos: [1.803755s] Passed.
    ls: [1.545999s] Passed.
    pwd: [1.485371s] Passed.

fs/ptyfs/t_ptyfs (487/633): 1 test cases

Any idea what could be the problem, and how to fix it ?

Manuel Bouyer <>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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