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Raw data from automated tests available by rsync

Hello -current users,

A couple of developers have expressed interest in getting access
to the raw data from the automated build and test runs on, for research or to generate new reports 
and visualizations.

The data are now available by anonymous rsync, not only to developers
but also to the general public.  They have in fact been available for
some months now, but I didn't get around to announcing it until now.

There are historical data from builds and tests of the i386 and sparc
ports going back to May 2011, and for amd64 going back to August 2011.
New data are added in real time as each build or test run finishes.

The following shell command will mirror the full data set to a local

   for arch in i386 amd64 sparc
       rsync -v -a rsync://${arch}-results ${arch}

This currently takes 7.3 GB of disk space.

The data for each port are organized into one directory per CVS source
date tested, and include

 - The last 1000 lines of the build log from each build, including
   the output of a "time" command indicating the total user, system,
   and CPU time consumed (build.log.tail.gz)

 - Full console output from the sysinst installation and the ATF
   test run (isntall.log.gz and test.log.gz, respectively)

 - The raw ATF output and the corresponding XML from each test run
   (test.tps.gz and test.xml.gz, respectively)

 - A text file of key-value pairs containing summary information
   such as the exit status of the build and install (bracket.db).

The console logs in particular are easy to query using zgrep.
For example, if you are curious about when the "min" test case of
the usr.bin/config/t_config test started failing on amd64, you
could simply run

  zgrep 'min: ' amd64/2015*/test.log.gz

Thanks to spz@ for setting up the rsync service.

Andreas Gustafsson,

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