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Re: Missing boot blocks

On Wed, 14 Oct 2015, Paul Goyette wrote:

OK, now I've really done it!  :)

I've used the same script for years to (occassionally? rarely?) update
my boot-blocks.  I hadn't done it for a while, so this morning I decided
to update.

Ouch - something went wrong, and the machine no longer recognizes the
hard drive as a bootable device.  It just moves on to the next device
(the network) and tries a PXE boot.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to recover from this?  I think my
last working boot-blocks were from back in the 6.99.7 time-frame!

Resolved.  I downloaded a NetBSD-7.0 iso file, burned it to CD, booted,
and used that boot code to reload from my usual hard-drive.

Turns out that my update script worked perfectly.  I had simply
forgotten to update it when I updated my boot partition to FFS-V2, so
the script was still loading FFS-V1 boot code.

Ooopppsss!!!  :)

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