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Re: Ways to report trace when boot panics [Was NetBSD 7.0 i386 panic during boot]

On 12 October 2015 at 10:32, Robert Elz <> wrote:
> Long long ago I did an implementation of config code (more or less a console)
> for a device that had nothing but ethernet.   For that (and to avoid the
> issue that would arise here, of needing specialised client code) I used telnet
> over TCP.   Sounds like a complex software stack, but wasn't really.   The
> TCP and telnet implementations were (I believe) fully standards compliant,
> but were extremely limited. The Telnet would refuse all option negotiation
> for example, and refuse to operate any way but how it wanted (legal, but not
> generally useful).  The TCP IP and ethernet were all polled, lockstep
> implementations (I send, you reply, one packet at a time).   That achieved
> by simply setting the window size for receive very low - whatever size packets
> the other end transmitted, became the window size...   Not useful in general,
> and definitely not efficient in any sense, but worked just fine for the
> purpose (only a single connection at a time of course.)   The whole
> implementation turned out to be surprisingly small.

Right.  Or even simpler, 'netcat -u'.  If things really are desperate
then the ethernet might just be the easiest way out.

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