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nouveau driver runs and crashes!

hi folks.

just a quick status update.

those of you watching source-changes may notice that we recently got the
nouveaudrm driver able to attach a text console.

starting X crashes, but it's at a point you can either use the text console
or help debug the crash :-)  you'll need the very latest -current, as all
the components were only just recently commited.

thanks to fair@netbsd for sending me 3 nvidia graphics cards!  also to
Taylor and chuq who ported most of the code.  so far, i've only tested on
a GTX 750 card, but i plan to try the GTX 450(?) and 610 soon enough.

it's vaguely possible i broke the build or other parts of X.  if so,
please file a PR or contact me via email.  thanks!


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