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Re: Ways to report trace when boot panics [Was NetBSD 7.0 i386 panic during boot]

2015-10-12 7:01 GMT+02:00 Mayuresh <>:
>> ps: it would be interesting to know if there was any rational way to
>> develop a NetBSD to NetBSD USB protocol that could maybe be used to
>> replace serial consoles ... requiring just a cable to link 2 NetBSD
>> systems to each other - I know nothing about USB, but if there's enough
>> access to the raw bits, it should be possible to make the running
>> NetBSD identify itself as some kind of new USB device, and have the
>> booting kernel look for that, and if found, use it as a console device.
>> Might that be possible?
> Even nicer if such device could be a smartphone, which can make it
> convenient to collect data, just from ease point of view.

Sounds complicated. Why not just use a ucom(4) device as console then?
Gives RS232 again with the right adapter. :)

Another alternative I already thought about was creating a "real"
RS232 interface (in place of a TPM module) for the quasi-standardized
TPM pin header on modern PC mainboards. It has all relevant LPC lines
which would also be needed to interface to a super I/O or RS232@LPC
controller (there are some on the market).
Don't know if this requires BIOS support or it'll just work though...

Like that:


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