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Re: 'config' changes: overriding "maxusers" when including another kernel configuration

On Mon, Aug 31, 2015 at 11:43 AM, John D. Baker <> wrote:
> In the past, when one created a kernel configuration that includes another
> kernel configuration, one could override the value of "maxusers" simply
> by using the "maxusers" keyword with the desired value.
> With the recent changes to 'config' and/or various Makefile*s, this
> no longer works.  The config step fails stating that MAXUSERS=N
> (the value of "maxusers" from the included configuration) already
> exists.
> I've found the following to work, e.g.:
>   include       "arch/sparc/conf/GENERIC"
>   no options    MAXUSERS
>   options       MAXUSERS=8
> Will this be the new way of things, or will the old behavior of simply
> giving a new "maxusers" statement be restored?

I try to restore the old behavior soon.

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