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Re: [patch] give gpioctl.c some love

Am 22.08.2015 um 10:15 schrieb Marc Balmer:
Imo, this patch does not solve a problem, but creates new ones, maybe...
  The constness that you sprinkle is definitely not needed, only makes
the code cluttered imo.

This "constness" is mainly adding "pointers to const" in function arguments and for strings. Some will consider this good style to say the least (MISRA, CERT C Coding Standard), and some even claim it will allow for better compiler optimization.

CERT has for example:
DCL00-C. Const-qualify immutable objects
DCL13-C. Declare function parameters that are pointers to values not changed by the function as const
STR05-C. Use pointers to const when referring to string literals
STR30-C. Do not attempt to modify string literals


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