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Re: kern/42314: ipgphy support

Felix Deichmann wrote:
>There is an open kern/42314, providing support for IC Plus
>IP1000A/IP1001 10/100/1000 PHY (from OpenBSD ipgphy).
>This would also improve NetBSD/sandpoint's DSM-G600 and CH3WNAS boxes
>with on-board IC1000A I guess, apart from even rarer PCI cards or few
>ABIT mainboards with this chip...


>Any reason why this hasn't been included (and any chance to make it into -7)?

I would guess that it hasn't been included because people don't have
hardware to test it on.

I have got it to build, starting from the latest version from OpenBSD,
are you able to test it ?

Robert Swindells

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