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Re: agr issue in netbsd-7

> On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 10:25:36PM +0200, Havard Eidnes wrote:
>> > I tried to configure a port channel (agr0).
>> > When I configure the port channel only with bnx0 or only with bnx1
>> > everything works. If I use bnx0 and bnx1, the Cisco switch sets one of
>> > the two links to suspended mode.
>> If I'm not terribly mistaken, the problem is that both physical
>> interfaces are supposed to pick one of the ethernet addresses and use
>> it as the source MAC for all the traffic passed on the aggregate
>> logical interface.  Apparently, the bnx driver in NetBSD doesn't (yet)
>> have the ability to change the source MAC address.
> you should be able to change it manually with ifconfig (or put the
> appropriate commands in /etc/ifconfig.bnx*) so that both use the same address.
> I've done this in the past and it worked.

Really?  OK, I may have to test that again.  But why doesn't that
happen automatically?  On another host I run an agr0 interface over a
wm0/wm1 combination, and I don't have to tweak anything manually wrt.
MAC addresses to make that work.

I should perhaps mention that I've been testing agr with bnx on
netbsd-6 code.


- Håvard

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