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Floyd and Manny can't touch this guy

While boxers like Floyd and Manny make millions per fight...
this boxer was going to make $500.

He needed the money.

But that last day in the gym... the old boxer got beat up SO bad
by a 19 year old kid who decided he didn't want to go light in sparring.

Instead, he was going to make a name for himself, and an example of Sherman.

The 19 year old started going at the old boxer full speed...
as if they were in a real fight.

About 5 minutes into the sparring session.... the old boxer got hit
by a left hook from this kid that knocked him out cold.

The knock down wasn't what hurt so much... it was when this young kid
stood over his opponent and said "Go back to waiting tables
old man, you're never going to make it in this ring."

Click here to see what happened next...


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