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intel nic (ixgbe driver) and vlan interfaces


I use an Intel 10GbE card with ixgbe driver. My configuration is as follows:

cat ifconfig.ixg0

cat ifconfig.vlan103
vlan 103 vlanif ixg0 up

The following settings in rc.conf work without problems:

cat /etc/rc.conf
net_interfaces="vlan103 ixg0"

With the following configuration vlan interface vlan103 does not work.

cat /etc/rc.conf
net_interfaces="ixg0 vlan103"

You can see the problem only after a reboot. Both interfaces are generated, both interfaces are up. tcpdump shows incoming packets on the interface ixg0. tcpdump shows tagged packets (vlan 103) on the interface ixg0. tcpdump shows no packets on the interface vlan103. 'ifconfig -v vlan103' shows 0 packets received.

I tried to reproduce the behavior with a 1GB intel NIC. There, the two interfaces works indipendent from the order of their creation.

Is there a regulation in which order the interfaces must be generated?


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