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Re: EFI boot loader?

On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 5:29 PM, scole_mail <> wrote:
> Just wondering if EFI is still be worked on, if there is any ETA, and
> what architectures can or will use it (amd64 i386 ia64 macppc, any
> others?).

Just to report my experience, I was able to boot NetBSD/amd64 (6.2
IIRC) on a Thinkpad X230i in full UEFI mode. But as the ACPI tables
was not found I had to patch both my bootloader (GRUB) to make it
provide the address of the UEFI system table and NetBSD to make it use
this table to locate the ACPI tables.

Also the installer was not GPT-aware but the dkwedges saved my life here :)


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