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Re: i386 i915drmkms on i82845G/GL

On Sat, 14 Feb 2015, Ryo ONODERA wrote:

> My laptop has 8086/0a16, and
> Option "AccelMethod" "SNA"
> make my native stable.

The Dell Optiplex GX260 has:

  $ pcictl pci0 list -n
  000:02:0: 0x25628086 (0x03000001)

  $ pcictl pci0 list
  000:02:0: Intel 82845G/GL Integrated Graphics Device (VGA display, revision 0x01)

From "dmesg. boot":
pchb0 at pci0 dev 0 function 0: Intel 82845G/GL DRAM Controller / Host-Hub I/F Bridge (rev. 0x01)
agp0 at pchb0: i830-family chipset
agp0: detected 8060k stolen memory
agp0: aperture at 0xf0000000, size 0x8000000
i915drmkms0 at pci0 dev 2 function 0: Intel 82845G/GL Integrated Graphics Device (rev. 0x01)
drm: Memory usable by graphics device = 128M
drm: Supports vblank timestamp caching Rev 2 (21.10.2013).
drm: Driver supports precise vblank timestamp query.
i915drmkms0: interrupting at ioapic0 pin 16 (i915)
drm: initialized overlay support
intelfb0 at i915drmkms0
i915drmkms0: info: registered panic notifier
intelfb0: framebuffer at 0xdb660000, size 1280x1024, depth 32, stride 5120
wsdisplay0 at intelfb0 kbdmux 1: console (default, vt100 emulation), using wskbd0
wsmux1: connecting to wsdisplay0

Amending my minimal "xorg.conf":

  Section "Device"
    Option "AccelMethod" "SNA"
    #Option "NoAccel"
    Identifier "Card0"
    Driver "intel"

made no difference.  The machine immediately panicked and rebooted upon
starting  (Setting "ddb.onpanic=1" is useless since the display
is blank.)

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